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Before changing its name to THE FACILITATOR, it was SMART Language center. Our mission carries us throughout and never changes, that is to facilitate interested learners good quality English in relaxing environments and jovial ways; we believe that GOOD ENGLISH AFFIRMS QUALITY !

For English learners of different origins, concepts of acquiring good English, both in conversational and written, have always been dull and difficult. We are adopting a unique out of the box way of facilitating, not preaching.

THE FACILITATOR has been established as an evening learning centre, it survives through the following 3 decades till now, without any advertisement, but verbal recommendations and hearty recognitions only, and it performs well and shines till present.


The Most experienced and responsible Chief Facilitator, Jesse Foo who is the mentor well known of her jovial, humourous and happy ways of delivering .JF acts also as the planner for all programmes and courses . She has over 3-decade facilitating experience. She studied in the United Kingdom, returned and worked in Travel companies in early 1980s, but started her first part time Language centre in 1983, and determines throughout all these years.

The Most consistent, unique and result generating ways of learning, which is designed, brought about and consistently improved by JF herself. Results are proven, it definitely is a more relaxing and fun way of Learning English out of the box. We genuinely believe the best way to acquire knowledge, especially a foreign language, is to understand, practise and most importantly ENJOY it. So, our lessons are often full of laughter.

As we believe that any programme or course needs to be updated and fine-tuned at any point of time, we even have taken up the American No1 well-known Train The Trainer programme and acquire the certification in the late 2018.

The Most flexible and adjustable programmes or courses or even workshops arrangements. We do offer scheduled courses in our premise. Besides, we too, organise workshops and other courses in different venues, for instances hotels, restaurants or even during short trips as to provide the learners hand-on practical environments.

The Facilitator too, provides Company and Individual group[s] training.

THE SINCEREST THOUGHT ADOPTED, we honour Facilitating, Sharing and Loving.

As our belief goes:


Let us lead Happily, and you follow relaxingly.



领航者前身为精英语文学舍,1983年创办至今都秉承 "优质英语,肯定自己" 为理念,对学英文的朋友秉承的宗旨是:灌输正确的英语观念,培养浓厚的学习兴趣,建立稳固正统的英语基础和为继续研究深造任何科系,涉步工商业领域的新生代铺路。


有经验 最负责的留英导师。主领航—JESSE FOO是玩转英文方式教法的创始者。玩转英文社群的开创和负责人。拥有超过36年的教学经验,以幽默生动,平和愉悦,轻松有效的方式见称,自成一格。




贴心自由的学习编排 -- 注重自由宽松,没有太大压力的自我增值课程编排。时间都以学员们的需求为依归。我们也接受小团体或公司培训课程。

以 '' 为本的理念:-

" 我们快乐领航,你们轻松跟随. "

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